The Strength of Simplicity

“It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.” Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee’s Bronze Statue
Avenue of Stars, Tsim Tsui, Hong Kong

Although most people know Bruce Lee as a highly skilled martial artist which he definitely was, he was also quite an accomplished philosopher. The wisdom of Bruce Lee goes far beyond the realm of martial arts. The philosophy behind Bruce Lee’s art of “Jeet Kune Do” is very practical and can be applied to many other facets of our lives. As human beings, we tend to mostly want things to be bigger or fancier, and we often look to “add more” to many of the things that we do. We tend to view all such things as “improvements” or as “successful.” A site called “Enlarge Your Life” would most often be expected to advocate the making of things larger and more complicated in the name of “expansion” and “progress” but in actuality the opposite is true. Simplification is a great means of leveraging power. To “Enlarge Your Life” is to enhance the experience of it, which can be done very effectively by simplifying it more and more on a daily basis. We all have those things in or lives that take up huge quantities of our time and yet yield very little in the way of benefits. The “unessential” may very from person to person but if we examine ourselves deep down inside our consciousness, we know what those things are that needlessly consume a disproportionate amount of our time versus the benefit of doing them/having them. When weighed in the scale of virtue, these things are found lacking and are better off discarded. Rather than attempting to discard multiple things all at once, the odds of success are far greater when making progress in slow increments over a longer period of time. A little bit today, a little more tomorrow and so on and so on and by the end of a year’s time, our life can be totally transformed for the better.

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